stream Deck +


I'm trying to configure my Stream Deck+ (with dials) but it's not so easy

I'm using Companion and following Sebastien David's tutorial (

But I should do something wrong because I can only see very few actions in companion. (less than in the tuto)

For example, I just want to use a StreamDeck dial to set the volume up or down and I can't find the action for that

Does someone try to use Deck+ with millumin and have that kind of issue ?



  • Hello @plocploc,

    This tutorial was recorded with Companion 2. The interface changed a bit since then (Companion 3), and I recommend to follow the tutorial on our website here.

    There never was a built-in "action" to set the audio volume up or down. However, you can change the global audio volume via with the OSC address : /audioMaster

    More info io the OSC documentation.

    Best. Philippe

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