Color grading Videoprojector

Hi Everyone,

I'm playing "Quitter son caillou" ( and making 90% of the video with a live camera shooting kind of vector draw with lot of colors, really sensible to the quality of the videoprojector.

I have difficulty adjusting the projectors correctly in the theaters where we play. Either the colors are very beautiful directly or the image is green or pink, ... and I can never recalibrate it correctly.

I play with the colorimetric profile in macos, with the video projector presets (presentation, cinema, ...), color temperature, color channels (hue, saturation, ...). In millumin, I play with alpha, the R G B channels %, ... But I never arrive at anything conclusive.

Does anyone have a less empirical method to color grade a videoprojector ?

Is Millumin will add in the futur curves or Lut in the main outpout ?

Thanks a lot.

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