Alpha wipes/stingers between columns with .mov files


So if the team does not already know, your software is heavily used in live corporate show environments. It would be EXTREMELY useful if there was a built-in feature to use custom .mov files as transitions between columns. I understand this can be used in timeline but this is often too time-consuming on the job site as we tend to receive content very late before the show with other content already loaded in to dashboard columns. I have seen an old post about this with an example provided on how to do this currently with the dashboard...but in actual live use this often does not work correctly when there are lots of layers and specific show cues. Or perhaps i am missing something.

I also understand you can put timelines into the dashboard- but if i have to transition from a regular column into a timeline column that has wiping content inside a timeline this gets overly complex and i may as well rebuild the entire show into a timeline. The reason this gets tricky is when there is content that does not all auto-follow into the next piece of content as we are listening for specific cues from the show-caller. So if i suddenly have a timeline column...i cannot trigger specific segments in that timeline when inside the dashboard... at least from my knowledge, perhaps i am wrong.

Either way, If there was a native feature to use a custom file between columns with adjustable parameters this would eliminate a lot of wasted time on-site when there is no time to build entire timelines.

I have not seen many discussions about this in the forums, so I'm kind of putting this on here to VERY STRONGLY suggest that this feature is prioritized. Media server Operators are very busy so we don't post on this forum often. On site your software is constantly under utilized and ends up just being a simple 16:9 video-playback machine because of the above reasons.

Thank you!


  • Hello @VANISH117,

    We are thinking about adding "stringer" transitions in Millumin (but no ETA for now).

    Currently, you can create "stinger" transitions with 2 columns, despite I understand this is not ideal. See this project :

    About "media server operators being very busy so not posting on this forum often". They rather tend to post on Millumin's Operators Facebook group.

    Best. Philippe

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