warping on output

Hi Everyone,

Maybe it's already there and I didn't find the way, but would be very useful to have warping on output (in the 4 corners windows) instead of warping slice and canvas. Of course with the option to make the window bigger in order to fine tuning properly.



  • Hello @emanuele,

    Click the curved option and you will be able to warp the 4 corners (shortcut is ALT-click). You can zoom-in by pinching with your trackpage, using the mouse-wheel or clicking on the transport buttons at the bottom-right corner of the view.

    More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    I mean a full warp where you can add as many points as you need, like the warp for the slice and the canvas.

    I think the most important place is in the output like all other mediaserver that I know.

    Thank you

  • Hello @emanuele,

    What is your use case exactly ? You need to warp an output for what purpose ?

    Why the canvas-warping is not sufficient for you ?

    Thank you. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    Canvas warping include all video projectors output together making hard to warp single output properly.

    Alignment/warp workflow as a projectionist usually involve to pick one output and take it as reference (because maybe is the best one in terms of physical alignment or for other reasons accordingly to the project itself) and warp aling all other projectors to this one.

    Another consideration I would like to do on this topic is the possibility to have warping layers for the same output, actually like in disguise d3. In order to work with several layer of warping, so a workflow could be first a quick 4 corner adjustment (first layer) than horizontal alignment (another layer) than vertical alignment (third layer) and last one for specific point that still need to be warped. This is just an example that of course doesn't suit all the projects. But in any case in my opinion warp should be on output, also in mad mapper and resolume warp is in the final output. Warp layer is an extra feature that I saw first time in d3 and now also in pixera it's similar and I think it's very useful in terms of speed up the warping process and make it more clean with a smooth mesh.

    Thank you,


  • Hello @emanuele,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We will think about all this. I guess warping at output-level could be implemented in video-routing : this would helps to keep tidy the "basic" output popup, while having all the possibilities offered by teh video-routing. What do you think ?

    Best. Philippe

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