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Dear Philippe @Millumin,

I am mapping a large horizontal canvas to NDI which works perfect in the NDI Video Monitor.

Unfortunately my endpoints - some nice 4K converter to HDMI - accept only NDI HX but not full NDI as produced by Millumin. NewTek told me I should move from Mac to Windows where they have a bridge but this is not an option.

So my question is - couldn't Millumin support NDI HX as well? There is a driver http://vizr.tv/NDIHX-Driver-OSX

Regards @underscore


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    NDI HX is based on low-bitrate and high-latency H.264; image quality is worse than full NDI, and latency is bad, with occasional drifting depending on implementation. It's also an old, deprecated standard (current NDI HX3 is based on H.265 and greatly improves things).

    I would find different converters which support full NDI if I were you.

    Don't forget that you will not be able to achieve framelock between the multiple NDI outputs either, whether full NDI or HX.

  • @ectoplasmosis thank you, you are absolutely right.

    Sorry for not being more specific as my decoder wants  NDI HX3 (so far I used it only as encoder for a DSLR which works perfect).

    As I need a quick solution now I have ordered some 2012 Mac Minis as endpoints.

    Could you point me to more sources about framelock?

  • Hello @underscore,

    Things might have changed, but so far, encoding NDI HX requires paying a license to Newtek. Also, the NDI HX requires more power to work and has more latency than standard NDI.

    For now, that is why this is not planned.

    Best. Philippe

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