Triggering Brightsign Media Players via Data Track & UDP

Hello Everyone!

I am an AV technician working for a museum and I am now experimenting with Millumin, I would like to maybe create a reliable interactivity with my already existing Brightsign environment.

I usually work with synchronised Brightsigns in a master-slaves system. I send very short UDP command to the Brightsign master, such as PLAY_FILM.

So far I have added the Brightsign fied IP address as a string server in the device manager window, including the appropriate input port. How do I translate a simple udp word for Millumin to send over the network to the device? I have tried just writing PLAY_FILM and sending it on a track data but nothing happens, I suppose I'm doing somehting wrong in the spelling/translating of the command? Anyone has ever experienced with that kind of workflow?

Please don't hesitate to request more informations or screenshot! Thanks in advance,



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