OSC triggering media on independent media layer

I'm struggling with the syntax a little bit and before I dive in exhaustively, wanted to check and see if this was even possible...

I want to use the independent media layer as a 'soundboard' so that the sound effects I add to the light & video changes don't get caught in the column's crossfade...I'd rather not get locked into referencing the media explicitly by name, because I might reuse the same sound a dozen times with pitch shifts.

Right now, I can trigger columns by name just fine, so the underlying mechanism is working ok.


oscpath = '/millumin/Boop1/startMedia'

  oscstring = '5'

Boop1 is my independent media layer, I'm trying to play the sound at column 5 in that layer. Do I need to select the layer first then send the command & argument?


  • The only way I can get startMedia to work is if I use the media file's name explicitly as the argument.

       oscpath = '/millumin/layer:boop1/startMedia'

      oscstring = 'SFX_UI_click.wav'

    This will play the first instance of that file in that layer.

    If I set oscstring to the column name or index it will stop the layer from playing but won't restart or start it. I must be making some kind of syntax error, but this all works fine for all the column commands (Launch, next & previous).

    Am I battling a bug or just not understanding the syntax of the argument?

  • Never mind, figured it out. ' ' was casting my int to a char or string or something and that is not what is wanted on the other side.

    Independent media layer is awesome, thank you!

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