OSC strings / TOGGLE

Hi there,

I try to set an OSC message for change ocaity of a layer and use the toggle function.

I cant understand why the toggle transformer isn't working...

It's work very good with a keyboard short cut but not with osc ...

i struggle to understand also how the calibrate tool works in this case (opacity to 0% or 100%)

there is some screenshot and my testing project...

Many thanks for any help !


  • Hello @LN_V,

    The "toggle" transformer needs one value below 0.5 and one value above 0.5 to toggle. For example with a keyboard : the key released (0) then pressed (1) activates such a toggle.

    This is the same with OSC : you need one message with an argument below 0.5 and one above 0.5. Just like pressing a button.

    The "calibrate" feature is useful to change this 0.5 limit, but I doubt you would need it.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe!

    Thanks for this info ! Its works good now!

    Many thanks for the quality and quickly answer!



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