Difference between timeline and export


In order to make my show work on a cheaper computer, I have to render my timelines.

But there is a slight difference in color (or luma?) when exporting to ProRes422 and putting it back in the same canvas (both are screenshots from millumin) :

How can I correct this behaviour ?




  • After further investigations, this color glitch happens because I use still images (png).

    It doesn't when I use movies.

  • The culprit is the morph plugin I am using on timelines. It doesn't give the same result when realtime and when rendered I guess..

  • Hello @Phil,

    There is no "color glitch". ProRes422 slightly compresses the color.

    Export to ProRes4444 and you will be fine.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks for the tip.

    As I said, it's the "morph" shader i'm using, which slightly modifies luma and chroma when rendering.


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