Hi there,

I've got a pretty simple mapping : 4 rectangles like doors

i'm projecting on it multiples medias (movies, pictures...) It has to move quickly.

Because the mapping is always the same i have created 4 surfaces and 4 layers

My issue is about the imput geometry. I need to define a specific imput geometry for each media. I try to do that by the slice editor by creating a different slice for each media and map it on the same surface.

it works on the moment but when i change colums it didn't keep my work, even with a tracking of mapping on the layer edition...

Anyone have an idea ?



  • Hello @LN_V,

    The slicing of a layer is common for all media (I mean over the columns of your dashboard).

    If you animate the "mapping" property, it affects only the output-mapping, not the slicing (input-mapping).

    Could you show us a picture of what you want to achieve ? How you input-geometry looks like ? How many media you have to map ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Ok i understand better the slicing option.

    So there is 2 pictures : On about each media/imput i want to map on the same surface. But as the size of each media is different i need to set the imput differently from each other.

    i try to capture a screen shot about this 2 exemple.

    Is not the reality of my show is just for an example. in reality for ecah surface i have about 4 different media to map... and it's just for the firts part of the show. In other parts i would be more ... ;)

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards.


  • Hello @LN_V,

    Unfortenatly, I have not a perfect solution.

    However, you could use 5 independant canvases : one for each door + one for the background. Then remap everything with a video-routing, the idea behind to position/scale each of your media inside the door-canvas.

    See attached project :

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello @LN_V

    An other solution, but not the best, is use timeline with the good ratio of your surface and use segments with your medias, so you can re-create your medias aspects...

    Best !


  • Hi Guys !

    Many thanks for those option ! i tking my preference goes to the video routing ! i gonna test that tomorrow !

    @Manu44 : Just something i missed in your file : where didi you setup the custom canvas in the time line ??

    Many thanks again !

  • Hello @LN_V ,

    In timeline, you have a setup button when you can change resolution. So you can create a new timeline with custom aspect.

    Best !


  • Ok thanks never saw this before in timeline ! could be very usefull !

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