1 canvas spanning multiple Millunodes

How can I span 1 canvas over multiple computers running Millunode?

As a test I have 2x Mac mini with both 2 displays attached (4 in total).

I can create a canvas for each computer and a vide routing with multiple canvasses but only the 2 separate canvasses show up in my timeline? how do I add the routed output as a canvas in the timeline so I can play 1 video over 4 displays on 2 different computers?


  • Hello @Winfred_Nak,

    No, it's not possible : a canvas must be connected to only one computer (the local computer or a MilluNode).

    And for now, MilluNode is only available with canvases, not video-routings.

    As a general rule, I would recommend not to use multiple computers to display a seamless image, because there woule be latency between computers, so screen-tearing on the content.

    If you really want to achieve this, create a canvas with 4 NDI outputs, then display the NDI feeds from each computer. For info, we added a "delay" option per output in latest beta, this could help ...

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks, will check all possibilities.

  • Tried different setups:

    • 4 screens on 2 mac mini both running a Millunode instance
    • 4 screens directly on Mac Studio running Millumin
    • 2 screens on Nuc PC running Millunode

    And it's strange but in my opinion the Nuc PC is the smoothest...

    I am wondering what applications we could do running multiple instances of Millunode creating one big show.

    Thanks, Winfred alias Nakorzky-art

  • Hello @Winfred_Nak,

    Sorry, I do not sure to understand.

    Do you have a problem ? If so, what is it ?

    Best. Philippe

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