Time Remaining Output for Multiview

I'm using a stream deck and companion with Millumin for my show. I want to be able to output a time remaining clock that I can place on a multiview for my producers. I have looked several places and can't seem to find this capability.


  • Hello @topherd,

    You can use the "Digital Clock" shader : there is a countdown mode.

    See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • I’m sorry, I can see how my initial question was confusing.

    I want essentially a character output that will display the time remaining in each clip that I can place on a multi viewer for my producers.

    i currently count them down/in, but if I could give them an actual clock that would be best.

  • Hello @topherd,

    If you are using a multiviewer, I guess you need to output video at some point. Thus using the "Digital Clock" (despite this is not directly connected to your media playback).

    Other solutions include using OpenStageControl (see this tutorial) or using the variable $(millumin:timeLayerRemainingTime) in Companion.

    Best. Philippe

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