hardware configuration for Millum V4 without Rosetta


I would like to know if it will be necessary for me to use Rosetta with Millumin V4 for the following hardware ? :

- Mac book pro M1max

- Enttec Open DMX USB Interface (not "pro")

- Blackmagic Design MC SDI-HDMI 3G

- AJA HA5 4K

Thanks for your help


  • Hello @Seb,

    Millumin V4 is optimized for Apple Silicon (and Intel) machines, so it takes full advantage of these.

    Do not use it in Rosetta mode unless needed :

    The Blackmagic Design SDI-HDMI 3G and the AJA HA5 4K are video converters, so the architecture of the machine (Apple Silicon or Intel) does not change anything.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks a lot @Philippe,

    I had read your article, but perhaps it is my English that is not good enough... I understood that the ENTECC Open DMX "PRO" would be better suited than the ENTECC Open DMX (not "pro").

    Now I understand that all these devices (open Dmx) will pose a problem, unless using Rosetta and/or activate the Special Open-DMX mode:

        Enttec USB DMX Pro

        Enttec USB DMX Pro Mk2

        ShowJockey DMX USB Controller

        DMXking ultraDMX Micro

        Electroconcept USB-DMX (Open-DMX)

    Is it this ?

    Does this mean that the use of Artnet or sACN should be preferred?

    Sorry for my misunderstanding...

  • Hello @Seb,

    No, the Enttec USB DMX Pro, Enttec USB DMX Pro Mk2, ShowJockey DMX USB Controller and DMXking ultraDMX Micro are not Open-DMX devices at all. They all work natively on Intel and Apple Silicon machines (no Rosetta required).

    Only the Electroconcept USB-DMX is an Open-DMX one.

    I guess the distinction is clear in this article here.

    We do not recommend Open-DMX USB devices, as they are non standard and often have less electronics (less electrical protection for example). Thus a lower price.

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok, I think it's perfectly clear now.

    So the first following Open-DMX is therefore not recommended.

    but the second one yes ;)

    THANKS !

  • Hello, I will use this equipment on a future project.

    Will it be compatible with millumin V4 ?

    thank you for your reply.

  • Hello @Seb,

    Yes, Millumin supports Artnet and sACN.

    More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

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