Resolution details enigma

Hello All,

I'm new to Millumin and I'm working on a show with still of painting (8370x10947), on a 1920x848 workspace.

(This resolution is handy for extreme zooming in the painting)

Since I don't need extreme zooming anymore, I decided to resize the file to 1988x2600, to spare some ram.

Adjusting zoom for my painting to fit the screen (17% for 8370x10947 and 74% for 1988x2600) doesn't give the same result.

There's much detail in the original photo than in the resized one, but the two are resized to 1920x848 ! (see screenshots)

Why ?

Thanks for your explanations.

All the Best



  • Hello @Phil,

    It depends how you resized you media : there are several methods in Photoshop for example (bilinear, bicubic, neareast, ...). For info, Millumin uses a linear filter.

    Also, the resolution of the pictures you attached is 3840x2160, not 1920x848, so hard to compare. I guess you should use the "normalize" option to fit the media inside your layer automatically, as well as using "take screenshot" feature to compare easily.

    If the problem persists, please share your original image.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    Here are the right screenshots, using your method and using Bilinear method in photoshop:

    You still can see a difference..

  • Ok, I found the culprit.

    It's not a Millumin problem.

    As you said Philippe, there are different resize methods.

    I tried severals in Photoshop, and using "Nearest" of "Bicubic Sharp" gives me much more details.

    Problem solved.

    Sorry about that.

    All the best


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