NDI Audio output channels

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Simple question : how many NDI audio output channels (out of 16 possible as per NDI protocol specifies) Millumin is capable of ?

I can't figure out how to send more than a stereo from my 9 channels audio track.



  • Hello @Martial,

    Sorry, Millumin always outputs NDI audio in stereo.

    It mixes down if necessary.

    Best. Philippe

  • hi !

    oh, its a shame...

    Is there any technical limitation which keeps NDI audio restricted to 2 channels instead of the 16 possible ? Or maybe this is not how this feature is designed inside Millumin ?

    Anyway, i would find it useful to allow more NDI audio channels output (or even the possibility to route the channels the same way it can me done with any other media on a virtual or physical audio device)


  • Hello @Martial,

    This is technically possible, but this would require some more interface, especially to route audio channels (as you can do with media).

    Unfortenatly, we are busy wth other features right now, but feel free to reach us again early 2024.

    Best. Philippe

  • Yes i can imagine !

    No need for audio routing though, just receiving the channels as is into an audio processing station.

    Still a great tool though ! just not for this project for now :)

    keep up the good work and see you.


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