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I have looked around a bit trying to figure out a good way to use a DAW controller for my lights in Millumin.

So I have a Qcon Pro G2 and a Beheringer X-touch which I've tried this on, in the belief that one of them had the built in capability to do fader bank switching, to be able to use the faders for more lights and moving heads, but soon realised that's not the case, this needs to be done though the software.

So I've looked around a bit with trying to see how that could be done inside of Millumin, but it seems that's not really possible, then looked at potentially using a midi translator software, but can't really see how it'd work.

So my next lane to go down would be to write a python script or similar to handle the MIDI message for say the button "Fader bank forward" to increment the channel message sent by the faders.

Is it possible to control Millumin via scrips in that way, or is anyone aware of another way to do what I'm after?

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  • Hello @Atmosphere,

    You can control Millumin via the OSC API, see the documentation here and developer-kit here.

    However, what is exactly the MIDI message to be sent to the Behringer X-touch to go backward/forward in the "fader bank" ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe, Hmm okey, I will take a look at that.

    So the idea is for this to happen, since I have 9 faders: pressing Fader forward on the controller, shifts all faders, so Fader 1 CC shifts to CC10/7 instead of CC1/7 and so on.

    Pressing Fader back would cause the shift back to CC1.



  • Hello @Atmosphere,

    I thought you wanted to change the bank from Millumin.

    Sorry, I do not understand what you want to do : if you change the bank on your Behringer X-touch, some other MIDI signals will be sent to Millumin, so you can directly bind them to other interactions.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    @Atmosphere , that's exactly what I'm trying to do with an X-TOUCH.

    If you're French, we can exchange directly if you want.

    Using Chataigne you can map the midi inputs and then send them by OSC to Millumin. You can also retrieve info from Millumin and send it back to the table.

    I've got something that works, but only in the cues page: you select the light projector you want to control, then use the faders to modify its parameters.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work in a timeline because Millumin doesn't send the OSC values of the lights in the timeline.

  • Hi @Boris!

    Not French I'm afraid :)

    Oh that sounds interesting, I mainly use the dashboard with columns for my shows, so not working in timeline wouldn't be a big issue here.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will check it out immediately :)

    @Millumin The problem is that the Midi controller is not capable of switching it's own fader banks, it has buttons labelled Faderbank (which sends PC messages), but it needs to be supported and done within the software.

    Maybe it could be something to look into :)


  • Join the Chataigne discord and search me : boris.arkka

    We can exchange about ur project if u want

  • Sure, I'll se if I can get around to it tomorrow, would love some pointers on how you set it up :)

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