4 displays on a Mac


I've read several useful things here about multiple displays on the same computer - and now I'm actually hesitating between several options ! -, and I would be glad to get some advice about that. I have to manage 4 different displays (3x 720p flat screens & 1 video-projector, everything is in HDMI) from a MacBook Pro. I have two options : a classic 2020 M1 or a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina - so I assume the MacBook Pro is a bit better because it can work with two displays. I've read about the Datapath FX4 and BlackMagic cards that seems quite great of course, but it's not really our budget. So assuming I'm using the 2015 Mac, I've been hesitating between :

  • Matrox cards (2 DualHeads or 1 TripleHead) that seems to work on 2015 Macs regarding the compatibility sheet.
  • DisplayLink technology - so the Plugable products or maybe the Dell 6000 (but I'm not sure how much displays the Dell one can get).

I also considered a bit to synchronize the 2 Macs but I would still be stuck with one screen missing... And in both options I would also have to get 4 HDMI to SDI and 4 SDI to HDMI convertors.

Based on that, would you have some insights to give me ? Maybe these are not the best options at all, I'm getting a bit confused.

Thanks a lot by advance for your time,




  • Bonsoir,

    Si tu utilises le macbook 2015 (intel donc) tu peux lui ajouter un e-gpu avec une carte graphique de ton choix qui permet d'avoir jusqu'a 4 sorties.

    J'ai utilisé le Razer Chroma X avec une ATI RX5700xt il me semble et cela fonctionnait plutôt bien !

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    Bonjour Boris,

    Merci pour ta réponse ! Je n'y avais pas pensé en effet. Cela dit la combinaison e-GPU/carte graphique reste un peu onéreuse (ça revient à peu près au même que les Datapath d'occasion...). Je garde ça en tout de même, ça pourrait s'avérer utile un moment !

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