OSC control and feedback in timeline


I want to control the values of a DMX projector with Touch OSC.

It works very well when I'm on the Dashboard:

I change the fixture values in real time using Touch OSC and I also get real time feedback on Touch OSC if I change the values on Millumin.

When I switch to a timeline (to create an automation with keyframes) this no longer works.

Millumin no longer takes OSC values into account and doesn't return any feedback.

As soon as I switch back to the dashboard, everything works perfectly again.

Do you have any ideas or explanations?

Many thanks


  • Hello @Boris,

    I tested this and it worked fine. There is indeed no feedback in timeline-mode, but this is the expected behavior (to avoid useless OSC messages, there is only OSC feedback in dashboard).

    Also, if you set some keyframes in the timeline, this will force such properties to always follow the animation : in this case, the OSC API messages will not affect the properties any more.

    Does it make sense ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I was hoping you wouldn't give me this answer ;)

    I must admit I'm a little disappointed that this behavior is voluntary. It would have been great to have real-time feedback in order to create an automation using a midi controller (Behringer X-Touch for example).

    In the case of a big light show, this would make it much easier to edit DMX values.

    Do you think this function could be added (with a checkbox in the timeline options, for example) to enable bi-directional osc within the timeline?


  • Hello @Boris,

    A short message to tell you that we added light feedback in timeline, see latest beta.

    Best. Philippe

  • awesome !!!!

    I'll go check it out right away 😊


  • That's great Philippe!

    It's much more practical to have a return on a table with motorized faders :)

    The only thing missing is a function on the timeline: being able to add one or more keyframe (manually or automatically) based on the OSCs received:

    The idea would be to be able to set the light projector values using the table (i.e. the OSC values received) and then save the values with keyframes (a bit like the "Save to Column" button in the Dashboard).

    Many thanks for your work and your great software.

    Best, Boris

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