working with Helios DAC+ KUB 1500 RGB,

hardly to does it work, but it work..

with laser drawing (circle/square...) or with layer import media like .svg

problem is when i try to use animation effect.. no result.

i don't know if that is my laser beam is too poor or,

that is not possible to assign animation effect on ...?



  • Hello @nikola,

    Why it "hardly" work ? What problem did you encounter ?

    What do you mean by "animation effect" ? Effects available in Millumin for movies, images, ... ?

    Best. Philippe

  • hello,

    hardly because my laser KUB 1500 RGB doen't responded first, i change the "KPPS" rate and it work.

    Helios DAC interface is good, i can import .svg and warp it, but,

    i can't apply animation effect on this layer...

    maybe that's my laser KUB limited by his rate capacity ?


  • Hello @nikola,

    What do you mean by "animation effect" ? Effects available in Millumin for movies, images, ... ?

    If so, these effects only applied to media that have "pixels". Laser media are very different because they are made of "paths", so "pixel" effect cannot be applied to these paths.

    From what I can read, this laser should be run at 20kpps : did you put this value in Millumin ?

    Best. Philippe

  • thank you very much for your response,

    finaly it work with shader like "grid" and auto-rotate effect can be apply...

    i can change values of KPPS to 10 until 120 but with 20 laser is constant and have no deformation

    thanks a lot (happy when it work)

    i continue to search with my own medias..

  • hello,

    i understand "point"( vectoriel ) and "pixel"...

    by "laser drawing" layer i can create "forms" or import .svg

    solution i find to animate those layers is to create timeline and apply classic effect (rotate,position,scale...)

    But, i was thinking that export my "picture" in.svg give me the possibility to re-import it to work with this "new" picture...

    and this .svg is not recognize ( only one line or sort of part of my picture) when i want to use it.

    is there a method to import .svg ( resolution,size or some thing else ) ?

    if i use illustrator to create my .svg is it better ?


  • Hello @nikola,

    If you play a SVG file as a media, Millumin will make it an image made of pixels. This is exactly like a JPEG image. So Millumin will run the laser-effect once again to detect lines.

    In brief, this is not an ideal workflow at all.

    Rather reimport your SVG files into your laser-media (exactly at the same place where you export SVG).

    For info, we are preparing a lot of improvements for laser in beta version. Stay tuned.

    Best. Philippe

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