Panasonic Pjlink, can't connect

Hi, I have an unexpected issue with a Panasonic pt-ex610

Millumin can't connect to the VP (both stable and beta versions).

I've tested with the "ProjectorManager" application, it works as expected.

I've tried to scrap the password but it didn't make it. Any idea ?


here are the log & config :


  • Hello @hyll,

    Do you use a password in ProjectorManager ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    Yes, it works with the password in ProjectorManager, and if I remove the password it doesn’t work anymore.

  • Hello @hyll,

    I sent you a special version for testing purposes. Please let me know the results.

    If the problem persists, could you try to change the password for a small one ("1234" for example) ?

    Best. Philippe

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