How much Mac do I need to run 16 x different HD feeds

Hi Sorry for the dumb newbie question but I was wondering how high I need to go on the Mac Studio spec to run 16 HD videos to 16 Momitors. I was planning on using 2 x Blackmagic decklink quad 2’s in a sonnet echo III?

Many thanks


  • Hello @MEB,

    If your 16 x 1080p feeds need to be "frame-sync", you may want to use a Decklink 8K Pro (inside a chassis or a MacPro) to do so. More info in this article.

    If you do not need 16 "frame-sync" outputs, you can use multiple splitters (such as Datapath FX4) on Mac computers that supports 4 or more video outputs. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

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