So have you tried the Theatrixx DisplayPort to Quad-Link 3G-SDI and if so does it work as far as frame syncing the outputs. If so this could be a better cheaper solution with more I/O capabilities then the FX4 but, let me know.


  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    Are you talking about this model ? If so, this device can indeed take 4 x 4K60 DisplayPort inputs and split them into 16 x 1080p60 SDI outputs. Kind of 4 Datapath FX4 inside a single device.

    For each DisplayPort input, the 4 x 1080p60 SDI outputs will be frame-sync, in the same fashion as a Datapath FX4.

    While it is possible to synchronize the 4 DisplayPort inputs at device level, the problem remains at computer level : indeed, the outputs from the Mac have to be frame-sync. Which is not guaranteed.

    However, if the 4 DisplayPort from the Mac have less than one frame of latency each other, this should be ok. This would be a similar case as this one (3 Datapath FX4 synchronized together).

    Best. Philippe

  • Yes that's the model. I have been chatting with them and I just received one and I am going to try is out on a led wall that will require 2x 4k outputs. I will let you know what the verdict is and thank you for the response.

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