Multiple PTZ NDI camera Project

Hi all, for a theatrical project I would need to manage 4/5 video cameras and create a board on Millumin with the possibility of switching between the various cameras by programming them in a precise sequence. If I understand correctly, I could manage PTZ-NDI cameras by merging them all into an ethernet switch, but can Millumin then call up the individual cameras? If yes, does it do it through IP addresses?

Thank you very much


  • yes, as regular ndi feeds.

  • Thank you hyll! You already experimented this? Can you also tell me which cameras you experimented with?

    Can Millumin also control the parameters of the cameras?

    Thanks again

  • Hello @psychood,

    If your cameras are on the same network of your computer running Millumin, you will see the 5 cameras in Millumin's library (no need to enter IP address for each camera as NDI is handling this).

    So you will be able to display each camera independently, as well as controlling parameters via PTZ/NDI.

    PTZOptics is making such cameras for example.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank You so much Philippe! Millumin is the best!

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