Output multi Mapping


I have a project where my screens are Moving and ratio of them are not 16:9.

I tried with surface but it locks the possibility to play with scale and position inside the mapping so it's not managable.

I tried with output Mapping wich grives me the freedom of scale and position But I can't have 2 différent mapping when my screens will move toward the public.

It would be Great to have différent sélections of mapping like for masks ou surface !

The artistic team coming from Disguice wants a lot a very Quick adjustments but I don't find this possibility without having normal mapping on each layer which is not fast enough for them.

I tried to add a New canvas on the same physical output to have 2 différent mapping but I can't output an image on the last canvas created.




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    You can create 2 canvases outputting to the same display : Millumin will show the 2 canvases stacked on the display (but obviously, you will not use the 2 canvases at the same time).

    Another solution would be to animate the "mapping" between 2 columns (see this article).

    Last solution would be to use large canvas with space for the 2 point-of-view (on the left, layer for first point-of-view, on the right, layer for second point-of-view), then use a video-routing for mapping (see this article).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks you I'll check why it doesn't work with my 2 canvas on same display.

    I know how to animate a mapping with transition between 2 columns but using output Mapping is the fastest for this project.

  • I tried again to project on only the second canvas and see not.

    Could it be because my display is from decklink 8 k pro ?

  • I see it in output/mapping but not out of the videprojector. Of course i see thru thé videoprojector it if I drag it to the first canvas.

  • I tried to change the order of canvases to put on top or under but changes nothing.

    I tried also to restait Millumin.

  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    Blackmagic outputs are special, because this requires to be treated very differently than outputs from your computer. Stacking of Decklink outputs is not possible, for optimizations reasons.

    However, you can still have 2 canvases, then use a video-routing to superpose and map them on your final Decklink output.

    Best. Philippe

  • Great i try that.

    All the best to Millumin !

  • 3 Stars.

    Using specific output mapping on each canvas linked to no display then adding a vidéo routing with the 2 canvases on the same position makes me appart both. (Not together but it's what I want)

    Problem resolved

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