PJ link control via a Midi note

Hello I try to control a shutter from Panasonic thru an Interaction

I have contrôls visible in Datatrack PJ link but I don't find the action PJ Link in the interaction pannel.

It works for Artnet but not for PJ Link ?




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    No, PJLink only works with a data-track, so you need to trigger the PJLink commands in the columns.

    More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • I already have it in columns but during rehearsal WE need sometime to cut hot.

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    To cut hot during rehearsal, you can use a direct key/midi map to the close/open buttons of the shutter.

  • A yes well done.

    I'll check that.


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    You're welcome.

    Usually to prevent any shutter mix-up during rehearsals :

    • I put a dummy ip address on the PJLink Projector of the already programmed PJlink Data track.
    • add a second PJLink Projector with the right address, configure a shutter keymap (in a second empty data track), and keep programming the original data track blindly.
    • then switch between PJLink Projectors in the Data track config, for the run-through.

    It would be smoother to just momentarily disable the Data Track, but it's not possible yet.

    You can support this feature on uservoice :


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