Decklink IP and ST2110 Workflows


My initial research into Millumin has left me thinking how an app which has such a great interface is deceptively powerful! Thank you to the developer for his amazing work.

I have three questions (I decided not to make them separate posts - if people want to reply to just one feel free by putting a 1. 2. or 3. before your answer!):

  1. I am under the impression that if an app caters for one Blackmagic card then it will find itself compatible with newly released Blackmagic cards which continue to adopt the same 'format'. Is this correct? Is Millunim compatible with the recently released Decklink IP card from Blackmagic? (I am hoping that there is a way for Macs to be included in ST2110 workflows - the Decklink IP is a step in that direction - although I am hoping that in the near future they will add a UHD card to the one they just released - which is HD only).
  2. Consistent with my wish to create an ST2110 workflow - if Millumin is compatible with Blackmagic's ST2110 workflow would this mean that if two of more Macs were each running the Decklink IP card along with Millumin that Millumin would be kept in sync by PTP clock information on the network? Or would it be necessary for the Macs to be kept in sync by each responding to (external) LTC? If that's wrong too I am wondering what the best approach to solving this would be.

Finally I am interested to find out from anyone who knows if the Decklink IP is the only means currently by which Macs can participate in an ST2110 workflow - or is there some other Mac compatible card?

Thank you for a great app - and thank you in anticipation for any help with my questions.



  • UHD will require a 25Gb/s network link per channel, with the associated infrastructure to support that.

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    Thank you @ectoplasmosis. It will also need a UHD ST2110 card - and I don't know of one which is Mac compatible.

  • Hello @thiswilldo,

    Millumin supports video-over-IP via NDI.

    I understand that this has some differences with ST2110, but NDI is better supported accross brands and softwares.

    For now, we have no plan to support ST2110 cards (that requires special library support I guess). But feel free to create an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of this request and see if other users are interested.

    Best. Philippe

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