Reverse Video

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to reverse the playback direction of a video in Millumin. I haven't found this option so far. Thank you in advance for your response.


  • Hello @Julien_Mtl,

    No sorry, it's not possible. We don't allow such reverse playback for performance reasons : it may slow down your computer, as movies container are not designed to be played backwards.

    However, nowaday computers might be fast enough to playback backwards. Feel free to vote for this idea.

    Best. Philippe

  • Have you tested performance with reverse playback using Apple Silicon Media Engine and ProRes hardware acceleration?

    Being an intra-frame codec, I’d expect ProRes in hardware to be unaffected by reverse playback…

  • Thank you for the feedback, Philippe. I took the time to vote for this feature to be updated in a future version of Millumin. In my opinion, computers are powerful enough to handle this kind of request. I agree with ectoplasmosis regarding the ProRes format.

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