Using Monitor / Artnet to have faders in Millumin


I tried for Live camera to create in the interactions an Artnet U0-1 (univers 0 -channel 1) / Transformer none (I tried also linear) actionning the opacity of a layer hosting Live cam then, opening Monitor / DMX / Univers 0 / Channel 1 but it doesn' t change the opacity. I tried also in the manage device to enable and select local host.

This Artnet command is just sending out of the computer ?

I have no information in the LOG...

It would be very usefull to link this univers Artnet monitor to actions in Millumin.



  • I tried t do it with Keyboard "a" / Accumulator / step 5 / from 0 to 100 / action opacity,; it works but not Keyboard "q" / Accumulator / step 5 / from 100 to 0 / action opacity...

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