Double instance and double preferences

Hello users !

For an interactive project, I need two instances of millumin and syphon to pass images from one instance to another. I duplicated the application and it works perfectly

But I have a problem: I need to automatically launch 2 differents project files when the mac starts.

When I define 1 project file in one instance, it is automatically reflected in the settings of the second instance.

I can't seem to get 2 distinct preferences.

Do you have a solution or an idea ?

Thanks a lot


  • Hello @Boris,

    You should run a Terminal command to do so :

    open -a /Applications/ /Users/username/Desktop/project.millumin

    An alternative would be to use macOS Automator.

    Best. Philippe

  • That's work perfectly, thanks a lot Philippe !

  • Hello,

    I still have a problem with the double instance.

    I need to drive each instance of millumin in OSC, one on port 5000, the second on port 5001. 

    When I set the ports and save, the setting goes to the last one I saved for the 2 instances.

    Is there any way to keep 2 different OSC ports on the 2 instances?

    Best regards, Boris

  • Hello @Boris,

    No sorry, it's not possible as such settings are saved globally (macOS application preferences).

    Why do you need so badly to use 2 instances ? Millumin is not designed to run several instance on the same computer (not very optimized anyway).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you very much for your reply Philippe.

    Here is my installation: 

    1 Mac Studio

    6 projectors including :

    4 VP soft for a first projection surface.

    2 VP soft for a second surface.

    I have 5 video files that I need to be able to trigger at any time (using 5 OSC physical sensors) on the first surface and 5 other files (using 5 other OSC physical sensors) for the second surface.

    The advantage of the 2 instances is that I don't have to program every possible combination (32 possibilities). Each instance manages a surface independently of the other.

    If you have another solution to manage this, I'd love to hear about it ;)

  • Hello @Boris,

    You should create 2 separate canvases to do so (each with 5 layers for every video).

    Best. Philippe

  • What would be the best way to trigger the videos on each canvas independently?

  • Thanks Philippe ! That's work perfectly

    @ectoplasmosis : you can trigger like this :

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