Artnet control universe for shutters of different videoprojectors


I try to control the shutter of a Barco UHD 32 K and of a Christie Roadster 20 K and it's not easy because the channel is the same on both (ch 1) but the behaviour is opposite : O is close on Barco / 255 is open and opposite in Chrisite and I want also to be able to close one shutter and not for the other videoprojector.

So I tried to stay on universe 0 for Barco and tune to universe 1 in the Christie web control / Communication / DMX artnet, and also in the manage device I tried both

v universe 1 to "IP" "Christie" v Remap to universe 1

v universe 1 t "IP" "Christie"

but when I put in the data track / mode DMX / method Command / destination Artnet / command templates C1@U1@255 it doesn't close and in the log I don't see Univers 1 acting... and with method continuous signal, I don't understand how to send a command for universe 1 (or2,3...)

I'll have 5 different model of videoprojectors to control like that, 1 Barco,(Artnet universe 0/Channel 1 oK), 1 Panasonic (PJlink OK) and 3 Christie...

Where am I wrong ?




  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    Do not use unicast feature for now, neither a data-track.

    Just open the "Monitor" (see the menubar "Window ), then in the tab "DMX", test your Artnet channels to find the right one (of course, be sure that you Christie projector is correctly setup to receive Artnet from your computer).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    thanks for your answer, I read it too late.

    I attempted to control in the way I did staying in univers 0 but tuning "Base" in the Christie.

    The tricky problem in Christie is that often you need to unlock a channel to be able to change other channels, some manuals are hard to find to have the information of right channels so sometime you trig a power off or a freeze or video fade without knowing how...

    What is wired I that for the Christie it works with "command" but not "continuous signal" which works for Barco.

    For example : C3@255 or C3@0 work but not Channel 3/ current value 0 or 255.

    Another problem is to write commands : When I try to write C3@U0@255 or C3@255 often it changes and writes C3@U255@0 for example.

    I'll try to find time to do it in your way.

    Thanks again


  • Your method is just to be able to find right artnet channels ?

    Because I need at the end to put the command in my column to be able for example to close or open 4 several shutters together on Cues .


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    Hi, @Millumin I don't understand, what do you recommend to use instead of a data-track ?

    "Do not use unicast feature for now, neither a data-track."

    I'm working on a new project with 2 artnet data-tracks & Continuous Signal.

    2 evolutions on 2 different channels seem to work ok on the dmx monitor, but I'm stuck to universe 0.

    If I use unicast on a different universe, Millumin crashes (just the first time and couldn't reproduce) or now just sticks to universe 0 anyway.

  • Ok, I think I got it.

    Testing with DMX Monitor on iPhone, it seems I can get what I wanted with the remap to a different universe.

    I guess the only problem with this method is you can't get 2 Continuous Signal on 2 different universes, but you can still get different Command to different universes (as long as you register them accordingly in unicast).

    But how would you do differently ?

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