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Hello, I like to know if the Gato Video Capture runs in Millumin, and the latency with this system. I want to use with a live camera for a discourse. Thank you. 



  • Hello @RaulDomene,

    Yes it will work. The rule is simple : if OSX recognizes this grabber, so Millumin will do.
    The latency should be very low, as the resolution is very small : it should be between 100 and 200 milliseconds, but I don't have any official report about this.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank u so much Phillippe.
  • Hi,

    Did it worked Raul? I'm trying to use Gato Video Capturer with Millumin without luck, it´s not being detected but I can see the camera image on Gato's software. OSX 10.9


  • I'm pretty sure El Gato haven't released a single capture device that uses Quicktime Capture which is what most VJ apps use to capture. If price is an issue you should check out a videoglide namely the EasyCap DC60+ usb capture box. If you can though, go with a Blackmagic capture card/box.

    Check this list I made regarding QuicktimeCapture compatible gear
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