Play mutiple Dashboard at the same time


I want to know if it possible to play multiple Dahsboard at the same time. I'm working on interactive project and some of my files are playing in a room and other files playing in a other room. Each room is synch with a different dashboard in my project.

Thanks 4 U help.



  • Hello @Julien_Mtl,

    It is not possible to play multiple dashboard, sorry.

    If you want to synchronize multiple machines together, this tutorial might be useful.

    You might be also interested in MilluNode (currently in beta) to play your project on multiple computers.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello @Julien_Mtl,

    You can also use several instance of Millumin on the same computer by copy/paste the application.

    Best !


  • @Millumin Thank you for your feedback and information about the tutorial [o|o]

    @Manu44 If I understand correctly what you are proposing, is it possible to have the Millumin software several times in the same computer?

  • @Julien_Mtl

    Yes ! It's possible ! Go to Application folder and copy paste And it's done !

  • Thx +++ @Manu44 [o|o]

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