LED fixtures retain layer color incorrectly

In v4.16e, LED fixtures show color from other layers through them incorrectly, even with those layers turned off or deleted.


  • A possibly related bug - some fixtures retain test "stripe" pattern even with test turned off:

    Zoom into fixture A0-1 to replicate error:

  • Hello @EricF,

    I tested this out, and I could not reproduce your problem. Moreover, the "test" mode should not display such stripes.

    A few questions :

    • what is your version of macOS ? 12.6.5 ?
    • what is your machine ? MacBookPro 15'' Touchbar 2018 ? MacMini M1 ? MacBookPro Nvidia 2014 ?

    Thank you for your answers.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : bug report should rather be sent to our direct email support (contact@millu), as we may need private info or simply access to your computer. And it is easier to manage for our team.

  • Okay I'll re-send in a bug report. But in case anyone else encounters this issue, I'm running Big Sur 11.7.6 on a mid-20014 MacBook Pro with Dual-Core i5 and Intel Iris.

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