offline activation or timelimited activation


I often using rental machine with my millumin serial.

I'ts a kind of pain to always go online and desactivate the machine, specially when we are on place where there's no internet acces, and hurry to tear off.

I understand that the emergency desactivation is limited, so you can control that we do not activate several millumin. But can we imagine or put on the road map something more conveniant?

Something like adobe, and you need to go online tu run, but we are still blocked with internet.

Or something like Qlab and timelimited licence?

Thank's for your feedback


  • Hello @Germain,

    Unfortentatly, there is no ideal solution (keep in mind that we need to protect our software against piracy).

    However, timelimited licence exists for Millumin : you can order a weekly or monthly license. More info on our website.

    Best. Philippe

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