DMX fixture test feature reversed

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Hello, new user here. I noticed that the DMX fixture (LED strip) "test" tooltip says "first pixel in red, last pixel in blue." However, the reverse seems to be the case. This can be verified by creating a 1 pixel fixture, which is blue in test mode, when it should be red.

Or perhaps the tool tip text is wrong and should be corrected.


  • It's not a color order issue. My strip is BGR and the hardware controller (LeDMX) is set to BGR, so Millumin is set to RGB. I've tested these colors to be sure. The issue is only on the interface.

  • Hello @EricF,

    If your fixture is 1 pixel, the first and last pixel are the same : it could be either red or blue, but we choose to make it blue.

    In other cases, the first pixel (red) is the one in the bottom-left corner.

    Best. Philippe

  • That's not what I'm seeing in my tests. I have a second strip set up starting at a subsequent channel (e.g. 34) and the first pixel is definitely blue for both. Rotating the strip on the canvas can make it appear to be the reverse, but of course has no effect on channel mapping. And I'm not sure what you mean by "bottom left" since the bottom left pixel is does not become red - and in any case that would make no sense since the first pixel should be the first pixel/channels in that fixture, regardless of its position on the canvas. Otherwise the "test" is of limited utility.

    The only way to get it to match Millumin is to check FLIP and to rotate it 180°.

  • Hello @EricF,

    The "test" feature is designed to be used with the "flip" option. Indeed, depending how DMX is addressed with your controller and how your LEDs are arranged on stage, you need to flip the DMX channels so what is displayed on the canvas matches what is on stage.

    Once everything is correctly set, you should be comfortable to design your content. And you should not need to use the "test" feature any more.

    For example, in your last photo, it is normal to flip the longest LED strip. However, if you rotate by 180° this LED strip on stage, you will not want to flip it any more.

    I hope it makes sense.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you for the responses Phillippe. I know what you mean, but it still seems counter-intuitive to me. Why not have pixel 1, as seen from the controller, always be marked as pixel 1? The user should arrange the strips on the canvas to correspond with physical placement. But pixel 1 should always be pixel 1. And in fact, this is the case in Millumin - except that pixel 1 is blue, not red. It's only the tooltip instructions that are backwards!

    At any rate, I can just ignore the tooltip, no need to rotate and flip, which just adds work and confusion, since some are flipped and some aren't. I would suggest simply editing the tooltip instructions.

    I would also suggest marking the first pixel in the canvas whenever a fixture is selected, as other LED mapping software such as ELM (Enttec LED Mapper) does. This makes it much easier to create and arrange multi-fixture setups. And then "test" can be used to make sure things match in real life.

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    As further proof, here is an example with a new file with one fixture in it. As you can see, the first pixel is blue by default, not red, regardless of position or rotation.

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