millumin controlled with Arduino on distance via network ?

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Im investigating how I can use arduino with millumin. but the arduino will need to be located about 30 meters from the main computer. so ideally I need to interface with millumin via ethernet.. wired or wireless.. and not via the usb on the arduino

how to do this ?

i want to use these features

hope there is a guide somewhere


  • Hi,

    OSC over ethernet.

    I believe this tutorial should do the trick

  • I have so fare only used the feature in Millumin that auto programs the board all pins etc to work with the build in Control presets in Millumin.. so im very beginner.. hoped there was a Way to still use all that and just add an Ethernet add on to the arduino and use that connection in-sted af the usb.

    guess ill have to start learning whats actually is going on ..

    thanks for the link.


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