Lower-Thirds via UltraStudio and "Alpha-only Mode for Outputs"?

The "Alpha-only Mode for Outputs" seems like a simple means to implement lower thirds via key and fill, but unfortunately because there is no frame sync between the 2 outputs from the Mac, high -motion key and fills do not stay in sync.

Can this be solved by incorporating a single UltraStudio HD? I've seen the BlackMagic systems used with ProPresenter and Xpression produce a synced key/fill, but Millumin only sees the UltraStudio with a single output.

Can Millumin send alpha channel info to the Ultrastudio for key and fill output from the SDI outputs? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hello @cmiav,

    This is a feature from Blacmagic devices and it would require some job to be implemented in Millumin. For now, this is not planned but we will study this idea.

    If some news, I will reply in this thread.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello @cmiav,

    A short message to let you know that latest beta (4.17.d) supports Blackmagic keyers.

    More info in this post.

    Best. Philippe

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