Max Resolutions?

Mac Pro Rack

Xeon 24-core


AMD W6800X Duo GPUs

The Setup: 16800x4320 Canvas (AMD limits 16384x4214)

Using 2x BlackMagic 8K Decklinks to feed 8 groups of 1280x720 LCD panels via OceanMatrix HDMI converters to each LCD panel. BM 6K SDI-> HDMI inline.

The Problem:

Millumin is struggling at times depending on the content. CPU Usage is around 450%. GPU is at around 33%.

More concerning are intermittent lockups that require a hard reboot.

Everything is vanilla HAP codec.

OSX is clean install on new Hardware.

Is this 2.7Mhz Xeon to slow for good Realtime rendering?

Thank for any help.


  • Hello @rbullock_siav,

    Could you please share your project, so we could better understand your setup ? Thank you.

    Best. Philippe

  • How have you encoded your HAP files?

    Chunking, ‘snappy’ compression and encoder type have a huge influence on playback.

  • Hello @rbullock_siav,

    I checked your project and tehre is a lot to process : 3 canvases for an equivalent of 8 x 4K pixels, 2 x 6K video-routing and 2 x Decklink 8K Pro to manage.

    While the GPU might be fast enough, there is probably a bottleneck when Millumin needs to transfer the data from the GPU to the CPU then to the Decklink. I am talking about a physical limitation, imagine how the data flow on the motherboard. This can also cause electronic components to overheat, so they would slow down a bit to cool from time to time.

    To get a better idea when this bottleneck happens, display and monitor the FPS in Millumin (see "Output" menubar). Also check that your 2 Decklink 8K Pro are correctly optimized in Expansion Slot Utility.

    However, keep in mind you are asking a lot to your computer. My main advice would be to lighten the burden : outputting directly from GPU outputs, reducing the resolution a bit, ...

    Best. Philippe

  • Out of curiosity, what system/media server would you suggest that would not have this Data bottlenecking issue? WatchOut? Pixera?

    This is a permanent install (repurposed), so we must get things under better control.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • Hello @rbullock_siav,

    I don't know a solo "hardware+software" media server capable to output to 4 x 4K, but I can be wrong. So in your case, you would probably need to use 2 media servers, both synchronized together. This should be quite expensive (I mean more than MacPro). Please ask the manufacturer support for more info.

    Of course, you can use 2 computers with Millumin in the same fashion. For sure, the MacPro handles one Decklink 8K Pro at 4320p60 (4 x frame-sync 4K).

    Best. Philippe

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