follow data column


I would like to do a fade during a video play and follow a column with a data track to close a shutter by string. But I don't find how to follow it.

Can you explain me please.


  • Hello @limoges,

    Use the "auto-follow" mode for your video file, see this article. The media "auto-go" may also be useful.

    And probably the easiest method : linking your shutter to your canvas, so it

    Best. Philippe

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    Thanks for replying,

    I have looping my videos because I don'ty know in advance when I must do the fade and put a column next to fade. I have also some pictures. How can I auto-follow the next column.


  • For the second solution, unfortunately the vidéoprojector are not PJLink only acccept tcp command.

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    I reply to me because I found the solution by "auto-go" programm that and don't know before.

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