Audio routing not recalling properly

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Hi Phillipe

I am running Millumin on a Macbook with a Behringer UMC 404HD that has 4 audio outputs.

The Main two outputs run the primary audio output to my front of house PA System - outputs 3 and 4 send sound effects to speakers at the rear of the audience to create a kind of surround sound effect.

One thing that's very frustrating is that often when I launch the program, with the UMC 404 connected - The software just defaults to Macbook speakers for the main output.

I go into the Mac Preferences and re select the UMC 404 - The primary audio then goes to outputs 1 and 2 - but the surround effects remain routed to macbook speakers.

I then have to go into EACH effect cue and select the audio routing and set it for the UMC 404 - I have a lot of cues and this takes ages. I wanted to select them all and change then simultaneously, but unfortunately Millumin won't let me do it, as soon as I select more than one cue the option to change the audio routing disappears.

Is it possible to update the software so that it always returns the correct (saved) settings that will route the audio to where it was set?

Could you also update, so that choosing multiple cues allows you to route them all to a selected audio output?




  • It would also be great to have the option to set audio routing per-layer, instead of only per-media. This would save a lot of programming time.

  • Hi Ectoplasmosis

    Agreed - as all my effects media are on their own layer

  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    If Millumin does not find the audio interface when loading a project, it asks you to replace it with another audio interface available on your computer. But if your audio device is available, you should not reassign your audio device for your audio routing : if you are in this case, please send us an email so we could open a ticket, exchange files, ask you sensitive information, ect ... Thank you.

    For info, you can use "audio layout" to share your audio routing with several media. See this article.

    We're studying the idea to set the audio-routing at layer level, but nothing sure for now.

    Best. Philippe

  • I have also experienced media items losing their audio interface assignments upon launching an existing projects; no prompt asking to select a new interface. I think it may be an intermittent bug.

    We would also greatly appreciate the ability to set audio routing per-layer, as well as per-media. This would save a lot of time during programming audio-heavy shows. Many thanks.

  • Hello @ectoplasmosis,

    We are not aware of such an issue, but if this happens, please send us an email so we could open a ticket, exchange files, ask you sensitive information, ect ... Thank you.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe

    I can assure you that the problem @ectoplasmosis is having is the same one that I have EVERY TIME I start the latest update of Millumin.

    So..I have literally dozens and dozens of audio cues/media routed to outputs 3 and 4 on a Behringer UMC404 audio interface. These outputs go to speakers at the back of the venue to create a sense of immersive sound

    My principal audio coming from cues/media uses outputs 1 and 2 of the UMC404 and goes to front of house.

    Despite the UMC404 being connected when I boot up - the software always defaults to Macbook speakers -

    If I change the settings in MAC PREFERENCES to UMC404 - then all cues/media that got to outputs 1 and 2 are connected to the UMC404 - no problems

    But ALL of the media that is routed to outputs 3 and 4 now have to be reset manually - for every show - ONE BY ONE - because you CAN'T select all the media (even on the same layer) and have them globally reset - do you know how long that takes and how frustrating it is?

    Can you please, either amend the bug that stops Milummin seeing that it is connected to USB converter when it boots up - or, allow multiple media cues to be selected and their audio output changed at the same time

    Thank you


  • Hello @TonyMoore,

    As stated in March, please send us an email so we could : open a ticket, exchange files, ask you sensitive information, organize a TeamViewer session, ... I mean things that we cannot do publicly here on the forum.

    Thank you.

    Best. Philippe

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