2x Outputs / One Click

Hello everybody,

I have to two different screens/outputs. In most cases I play the same media on both outputs at the same time. This is no problem, because I can use the Videorouting.

But now I want to have the option, that I play media on one of the two outputs/screens by click/by cue "on top".

Is it possible, that I can have two canvases and layer the media on one of the screens on top "over" the Videorouting layer? At the moment the videorouting "overrules" the optional canvas.

The other solutions is, that I have two different canvas from start. But that is only useful for me, if its possible to click one media in the first canvas and same media starts in the second canvas. So I get the chance to cue the separate media independently from the first, when it's necessary.

I know this is possible over "intercations" with streamdeck or with the keyboard, but for this case it's the easiest way for me, if this is possible by clicking the mouse.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,



  • Hello @Burner1983,

    You can stack several canvases or video-routings to the same output, but the video-routings will always be rendered over the canvases.

    However, if you simply want to play the same media on 2 canvases, use a copy layer, see this article.

    Best. Philippe

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