4 FHD inputs in millumin.

Is there any way to capture 4 hdmi live inputs into millumin? 

I'm considering to buy decklink 8k pro. 

But the description of atem mini pro 'iso' said it can record all of 4 input at the same time. 

If it's true, I think I can use it as capturing device for multiple input in millumin. 

I'm not sure which one is better. 

If someone has exprience of two devices, send me some idea. 

Thank you!


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    The Atem Mini Pro is a switcher, not a capture card : you will not be able to capture each HDMI feed individually.

    The DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder can capture 4 HDMI feeds. The Decklink 8K Pro can do the same with SDI feeds (and it can also output video). Please reach Blackmagic support to learn more.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe,

    I was so dumb. lol

    if so, any recommendation for tb3 (or4) chassis?

  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    No specific recommendation. The Sonnet brand is a good one and has a list of supported/tested device, feel free to contact their support to learn more.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    As a follow-up to this question: Does Millumin recognize the ATEM's "USB webcam out" as a single camera in the video inputs list?

    I understand that the ATEM cannot send 4 separate camera feeds at the same time over USB, but according to the product description it can send one 1080p video feed over USB 3.0 to use it like a webcam for connected to a computer. So why is the ATEM not considered a capture card?

    For my theater project in particular, I would like to use multiple HDMI cameras installed on separate parts of the stage to capture shadow puppetry in a performance where I only need to display one camera at a time output to a single video projector (along with other .mov files and shader effects). Could an ATEM be used as an alternative to buying multiple separate Blackmagic Mini Recorders for each camera for this project where the ATEM would switch between cameras, and Millumin only needs to cue and mix .mov files and shaders with the ATEM's single USB live video feed?



  • Hello @sky_open,

    Yes, the ATEM should do so (displaying the selected input as a USB webcam out). For info, if something is detected by Quicktime, it will be by Millumin as well because they use the same routines of macOS.

    Of course, be sure to contact Blackmagic support to check that this device fits your needs.

    Best. Philippe

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