Millumin, MadMapper and stuttering

Hi everyone,

I've been struggling for two months to solve stuttering problems and I don't know what to try anymore, so here is an official call for help.

For a dance show with projection on cyc and floor (1 VP for the cyclo, 2 VP in softedge for the ground), I associate Millumin and MadMapper in the following way:

In Millumin, I have 3 canvas

- a "cyc+floor" 2400x2828 px canvas 

- a "Cyc" 1920x1080 px canvas

- a "Floor" 2400x1920 px canvas

The "cyc+floor" canvas is re-injected via syphon and splitted on the 2 other canvases which are themselves, after processing (essentially colorometry and softcrop) sent via syphon to MadMapper to manage the warping and the soft edge.

On the hardware side, I have a Macbook M1 Pro (detailed configuration below) which sends a 2160p50 signal to a Teranex AV (via an HDMI-HDBaseT Kramer 4K extender), the Teranex manages the quad SDI cut to send 3 x 1080p25 streams to the VPs.

Concerning medias, I tried to adapt their resolution to the projection area, they are all below 4K. I don't play more than two simultaneously (except during transitions). I regularly observe stutter while playing a single 2400x2828px file at 50 fps encoded in ProRes 422.

Most of the media are quite long (10-15 minutes), sometimes the playback goes well from beginning to end (but unfortunately this is quite rare), usually when a clip starts to jerk, it lasts until the next one.

The jerks are visible in the Millumin interface.

the fps indicator stays stuck at 50 fps even when the playback seems to be at 5 fps.

The following attempts were unsuccessful:

- encoding in HAP ;

- reading from an external SSD ;

- removal of all effects ;

- deactivation of the workspace;

- forcing the Mac's fans to work;

The Macbook is new and is only used for this show. Other than Millumin, MadMapper and Resolve, there isn't much installed on it.


Millumin 4.16c - MacBook Pro 16 inches 2021 - M1 Pro - RAM 32 GB - MacOS 12.3

I am interested in any suggestion, any feedback ... Thanks !



  • Hello,

    A few questions to better understand your situation :

    • Unplug any external display (the Teranex AV from what I understand) : do you have the problem ?
    • If the problem persists, stop MadMapper : do you have the problem ?
    • Could you upgrade to macOS 12.6.2 ? Does the problem persists ?
    • What is your version of MadMapper ?
    • Could you send us your project (just the .millumin file) ? Also, the MadMapper project ?

    Best. Philippe

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