2 sonnit pci 3 chassis each with their own blackmagic decklink 8k into Mac M1 Max

I'm getting tearing and the black line when I use my mac m1 Max using a single Sonnit PCI 3 chassis and a Blackmagic Decklink 8k card with an E2. My resolution is 7680x2160 split output for testing purposes. So I have 2 outputs spitting out 3840x2160 each. Using Monterey and Mullimin 4.16

Has anyone tried connecting 2 seperate Sonnit PCI 3 chassis each loaded with their own blackmagic decklink 8k cards into their Macbook M1 Max's? I will be using in 2 seperate usbc's on the mac. Each USB-C is said to support a 6k output, so theatrically it should work. I will also be using a sync generator that's attached to the E2 and each Sonnit Box with the decklink 8k installed.

If anyone tried doing this or has any thoughts, please let me know.


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