2 sonnit pci 3 chassis each with their own blackmagic decklink 8k into Mac M1 Max

I'm getting tearing and the black line when I use my mac m1 Max using a single Sonnit PCI 3 chassis and a Blackmagic Decklink 8k card with an E2. My resolution is 7680x2160 split output for testing purposes. So I have 2 outputs spitting out 3840x2160 each. Using Monterey and Mullimin 4.16

Has anyone tried connecting 2 seperate Sonnit PCI 3 chassis each loaded with their own blackmagic decklink 8k cards into their Macbook M1 Max's? I will be using in 2 seperate usbc's on the mac. Each USB-C is said to support a 6k output, so theatrically it should work. I will also be using a sync generator that's attached to the E2 and each Sonnit Box with the decklink 8k installed.

If anyone tried doing this or has any thoughts, please let me know.


  • Hello @dbartczak88,

    About frame-sync output with the Decklink 8K Pro, please read this thread. Also, this article may be useful.

    What is the "black line" you are talking about ?

    Best. Philippe

  • I took it from a post on facebook, but it looks just like this

  • Here’s a better image of it

  • Hello @dbartczak88,

    Please open the following project and assign the 2 outputs to your 2 Decklink 8K Pro SDI :

    Does the problem persists ? If so, please disable antialiasing from Preferences, restart Millumin : does the problem persists ?

    If the problem persists again, please retry the same with version 4.12.k (download it from your account page). This is the version we talked about with Brian on Facebook.

    If the problem persists, please set up your Decklink as a whole 4320p output (see this thread) then try with this project :

    Thank you for your answers point by point. Philippe

  • update:

    the line went away when I I took it to program. Unfortunately I was still getting tearing when I used the 2 separate sonnet boxes and 2 separate decklink 8k cards. I ended up returning the boxes back to the manufacturer. Hopefully the gen lock issues between the 2 will get fixed 1 day when separating outputs.

  • Hi db

    we do a lot of the similar workflow on a 8k wide wall. Are you sure you were in 8k mode on the BMD card? We had those issues prior to correcting them by making sure we were in 8k mode.


  • This symptom is a chronic problem that occurs not only with the Barco E2 but also with previous generation Encores. It's not a perfect solution, but I'll share my method.

    1. In the adjustment menu of layer E2, cut out the black line of the layer.

    2. Resize in millumin by the same number of pixels as the black line cut out in E2.

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