Leap motion with Mac M1

Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect Leap motion on my Mac M1. It says I have to run it with Rosetta. I installed it but still not recognize Leap motion. Any idea?




  • Hello @jmbesenval,

    Did you install the Leap Motion drivers ? Do they detect your Leap Motion ?

    If not, there may be a known issue between your macOS version and these drivers : there is a thread here on Leap Motion forum recommending not to use macOS Monterrey.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe !

    Thank's for the answer yes Manage to recalibrate the leap like this (It works for me so I post it for other users) :

    I had a similar issue as yourself, using touchess_lm and the device not registering, so any third party apps (albeit the few that remain !) would be moot regardless.

    1. out of a bit of messing about I figured that the device was still registering in some crude way but not interacting. so this is what I did, for osx Monterey build 12.2.1 (public not beta). load up your leap motion controller and the software
    2. in leap software, go settings : troubleshooting : recalibrate device
    3. keep that window open and restart your m1 Mac running Monterey
    4. when you restart it should pickup on the recalibrate window - but I could just close this window (not the leap program itself, and it worked.

    so requires a restart for usage. Also the caveat I found is that with touches_lm it now wants to become the mouse, as opposed to a secondary pointer that was a green circle and gave me feedback, but this is just a minor thing for now as I'm messing around with it.

    hope the new software comes out and maybe even some beta testers are needed.

    hope this helps you out.

    My second question is :

    The driver is working, but how to be sure that Rosetta is runing ? Because Millumin still not recognize the leap motion.

    Is there a way to open Millumin via Rosetta ? Or will it do it automatically ?

    Thank's !


  • Hello @jmbesenval,

    Thank you for the trick.

    About Rosetta and other : this is explained in this tutorial in Millumin's help center.

    Best. Philippe

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