datapath FX4 as 7680 by 1200 display

Hi Phillipe

I am using two datapath FX4 HDR to create a 360 horizon using 8 1920*1200 projectors.

In my naivité I thought I could just make the FX4s behave like that, one really wide screen each, but it seems like the maximum resolution I can put in either dimension on the FX4 is 4095.

Is there a way I can "cut the output in half" so I eg. get the top half of the output to the left of the bottom part of the output, from a canvas point of view.

This way I could set the FX4 up to be a 3840*2400 display and still get all my pixels in full resolution and framerate.

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    well, just found Video Routing... that works

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