Hey all sorry if this is basic but I seem to be having some issues setting up my canvases. I have two projectors 1920x1200 that are creating one seamless image about 2228x1200 (very large overlap). The image will be hitting an oddly shaped groundrow and a wall behind it (first image). I would like to be able to have a way to mask to the ground row content without making a new mask for every layer on the ground row.

Currently my big issue is that I tried to create two canvases (second image), one for the ground row and one for the wall with a feather for the overlapping pixels, and both of them are showing up as 3840x1200 with a weird darker section in the dashboard (third image). The second issue is I tried to draw a mask for the ground row canvas and it doesn't seem to be showing up in the dashboard preview at all. Wondering if theres a better way to do what I want with video routing or something else?

Attached images to try and help.


  • Hello @Kloera55,

    Where do you want to project video : only on the front building (gray area in your first image) ? only on the wall behind (white area in your first image) ? on both ?

    For info, the "weird darker section in the dashboard" represents the "lost" pixels because of your soft-edge. More info in this article.

    Also, you will not be able to make your soft-edge work on both the front building and the wall behind. Indeed, the focal point of your videoprojectors will not be the same.

    Best. Philippe

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