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Hi All

Im new to Millumin, its a great tool or toolset!. im reaally looking forward to use it for a theater project im up too.

i was reading trough the manual and forums but i could nowhere find a solution for my problem.
i try to pause in the dashboard, i was looking for a global pause / play function or a workaround.

my situation is this:
i have a dashboards with a few compositions, they play one after the other, but at one point when the actor on stage
does something i need to pause the current playing video and start again after a other action of the actor.

did i missunderstood something workflow wise?

i was reading somewehre that a new cue point system is coming.
programmable cuepoints like: loop to cue / pause / jump to / 
ist that gona happen?

any help is wellcome.
thanx an cheers


  • Hello @godan,

    Unfortenatly, the "pause" option isn't available in Millumin. At least for now.
    It's planned, but I cannot give you a release date, sorry.
    New cuepoints are also planned and you can vote for this idea.

    However, you can pause a movie : have a look to the Properties panel and tab called "Media / Movie".
    You can also create a short loop inside a composition by using 2 cuepoints, so it looks like a pause.

    Best. Philippe
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