Backup Millumin project on a second computer

Hello everybody, for this new year, I have a question about the best way to organise a backup in Millumin.

There will be no live camera, only medias projected on 4 outputs.

The idea is to have 2 similar computers running 2 Millumin projects linked to a Lightware 8X4 switcher.

If there is a big problem I switch form 4 inputs to the 4 other and I need of course to have exactly the same visual from Millumin at "instant T".

Right now I see 3 different ways :

1) 2 exact projects on 2 computer trigged at the same time by a Dual USB midi controller like the USB go box.

The advantage is the fast and safe way to copy and paste each time I change things on the main project.

It's more problematic if I use a Behringer x-touch compact or another Daw controller.

2) A main project linked to a backup project thru a lot of OSC interactions.

The advantage is the possibility to use motorised faders from a Behringer x-touch compact.

The disadvantage is the time to upgrade each time the backup If change the master project with no mistakes.

I did that a lot with Isadora software many years ago before having Dual USB midi controllers.

3) A main project linked to a backup project thru Chataigne or Companion both trigged by a streamdeck +.

The main disadvantage : I didn't yet practice this way.

Do you have any feedback to share on this subject ?

Thanks and Happy new Millumin Projects.



  • I usually set up the idea number 3 with Companion and streamdeck xxl.

    If I only have to play media, photos or videos with audio (audio is routed to a mixer and is checked during the rehearsals in a way that the audio mixer is always on same level , so the audio level in the videos are adjusted in the project, I ask the video with same -10 db level but not all the time they comply, usually the main computer is using dante via while the back-up is using an external sound card)

  • Thank you.

    I will dive in this third option with the "new" tools.

    I'll try to give feedbacks of this control back up.

  • Hello I chataigne companion and StreamDeck

    to use chataigne with Millumin controller is not very difficult

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