auto-follow question


As a resolume user, I'm now testing and enjoying Millumin that looks very cool idead !

But I don't quite understand why there is an auto-follow option when I place a movie on a column, and I can't find this option when placing a timeline.

In the dashboard, how do I proceed to trigger automatically the next column at the end of one timeline ? where do I set this follow link ?

kind regards



  • Hello @nicolight,

    The auto-follow loop mode can be set in the properties-view, on the right of Millumin's interface. See this article. This mode allows you to automatically go to the next column when then movie ends.

    The same behavior can be applied to a timeline in the dashboard, but you need to set a custom segment first, in order to override the behavior of the timeline.

    By the way and if you are beginning with Millumin, I recommend you to follow our first tutorial here.

    Best. Philippe

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